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Pan Pizza
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Try one of our par baked pizzas. Enjoy our famous pizzas par baked and just finish it at you conveniences; especially for Halloween the biggest pizza night of the year

Pan Pizza $14.00&up
Thicker than our Sicilian pizza. Prepared in a deep dish pan and cooked to give you a light and tender golden brown crust
BBQ Deluxe Pizza $14.80&up
Sausage, onions, bacon and BBQ sauce
Florentine Pizza $16.20&up
Spinach, ricotta, fresh garlic and fresh tomatoes
French Fry $23.20&up
Pepperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, and french fry.
Hawaiian Pizza $14.80&up
Pineapple and Canadian bacon
Margarita Pizza $16.20&up
Fresh basil, tomatoes, minced garlic and artichoke hearts
Meat Lovers Pizza $18.90&up
Sausage, pepperoni, roast beef, bacon and ground beef
Monster Pizza $23.00&up
Sausage, pepperoni, bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, green olives and black olives
Nino’s Special $16.50&up
Sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions
Santa Fe Pizza $18.50&up
Chicken breast, jalapeño peppers, onions, fresh tomatoes and BBQ sauce
Southwestern Pizza $16.20&up
Grilled chicken, bacon, onions and BBQ sauce
Vegetarian Pizza $16.20&up
Mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and onions
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